Same-Day Braces

Here at Scott Family Orthodontics, we offer same-day braces so you can start working on crafting your dream smile soon after your consultation. This is a great option to consider if you are on a time crunch and cannot squeeze any extra time out of your busy schedule. By wearing same-day braces, you will be able to:

  • Close small gaps
  • Fix the position of your underbite, overbite or open bite
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Improve your oral health with your new straight teeth
  • Correct misalignments in your jaw to restore fullness in your face
  • Feel and look more confident
  • Chew and speak more clearly

Once you or your child come in to meet with Dr. Jason Scott, he will perform a gentle examination to evaluate your teeth and answer any questions you may have. After you or your child has received same-day braces, be sure to follow up with our orthodontist and team on a regular basis for tightening sessions and to see how your treatment is working.

If you have any additional questions about same-day braces in Spokane, Washington, please contact us at 509-926-0570. We look forward to hearing from you!